We are the creators of fond and unforgettable tea moments. SevenTeaOne moments are touched by an incredible sense of wonder, filled with peels laughter and encapsulates a deep appreciation for harmony. Harmony with the universe. Harmony with nature. Harmony with each other. Most importantly, harmony with oneself.

We are a tea company and we operate on a fair trade model as a social enterprise. We source fresh herbs and flowers directly from farmers, and process them to make beautiful and soothing herbal infusion teas that are high in traditional health benefits. Our teas are naturally coloured as they are made from sun dried Butterfly Pea flowers.

We practice an inclusive employment policy, whereby we recruit underprivileged communities to work with us to process and handpack our teabags. To this purpose, we actively engage with various charitable and welfare organisations and associations to ensure that the communities who work with us are paid fairly and under conditions that are acceptable by human rights labour standards.

We use no chemicals and no preservatives to process our teas.Our teas also contain no caffeine and no artificial colouring. The bright colour effects on all our products are a result of the natural chemistry of our herbs and flowers.


Among our most material impact metrics are:

  • We have enable d the cultivation of 1,600 new plants in urban farms and gardens since April 2016
  • Over 10 people from the differently-abled, underprivileged and marginalized communities trained since April 2016. They are people with autistic spectrum disorder, UNHCR registered refugees and retired elderly community who have lost their source of income.

(Last updated: 4 August 2016)